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Project Cases
Street Light Renovation Project for Cili County, HuNan Province
Release time:2015-10-12
The street light renovation in Hunan Cili County is redesign and reconstruction of the street lighting system on original city roads, with high luminous efficiency, low power LED energy efficient lighting replacing the existing high-pressure sodium lamps and traditional CFLs with total 1,522 traditional lamps. It carries on renovation of total 160 street light poles on Xingfu road with 24 poles , Bijia road with 34 poles, Lanjiang road with 34 poles and Cigu road with 28 poles, and reconstruction on street light power supply circuit modification to the city about 3.6 kilometers. Taking the road level corresponding to different illumination schemes, it achieves fast trunk road illumination of 20-30lx, secondary road illumination of 10-15lx, and branch road illumination of 8-10lx, more effectively achieving energy efficiency with reasonable planning, making energy consumption based on the original energy consumption benchmark on the decline of more than 60% through reasonable design scheme .